DSCO 3651 Solid silver pieces

Exceptionally beautiful bracelet made of sterling silver pieces and strung on stretch magic to fit any size.

DSC 3651


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DSCF 1647 silver hoops

Gorgeous solid silver hoops bracelet threaded on stretch magic, fits any size.

DSCF 1647

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DSCO 3679 S bracelet

Lovely bracelet made of lapis,


with silver shapes and charms.

DSCO 3679


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Bracelet JPG Solid silver

This fabulous bracelet is made of solid silver shapes. Fits any wrist size. Very effective and comfortable to wear.

Code JPG Solid Silver


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DSCF 3679(4 bracelets)

Selection of 4bracelets made of coral, tigers-eye, jade, turquiose, interspersed with silver charms and shapes.


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