Short Lariat SL 3657

Short Lariat

You can wear this piece in many different ways. It is stunning on something plain to show off the gorgeous stones and the silver pieces. Turquoise, jade malachite coral etc.

Code SL 3657

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Short Lariat

This gorgeous piece is great to wear when you are wearing something decollete or with a polo neck. The stones are a mixture of semi-precious stones mingled with sterling silver.

Code SL 3654

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Lariat long LLRF 4582

This 24 ins . lariat is the same as one already displayed but with different perspective.

Code LLRF 4582


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Long Lariat LL RF 4572

This long lariat that you wrap around your neck makes a superb piece of jewellery. It is a combination of tigers eye jet, amethyst and a lot of beautiful pieces of silver. It is finished off with a beautiful piece of jade and jet.


Code LLRF 4572

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