Single Stranded DSCO 1747

Single necklace made of
tigers eye, jade, cornelium, interspersed with lovely silver pieces with silver butterflies, leaves and silver bee in the center.

Code DSCO 1747

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Single NecklaceDSCO1492

Single stranded necklace on beige leather. Funky and stylish. Jade and silver pieces.



Code DSCO1492

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Single Stranded Silver necklace DSCO1471

Single necklace made of solid silver pieces, adorned by a large puffed heart in the middle.

Code DSCO1471


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Double Necklace DSCO1486

This magnificent double stranded necklace is made up of quartz, crystals, jade, amethyst and silver pieces. The centre is adorned by a large silver puffed heart. Perfect for the summer season.

Code DSCO1486

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Single Necklace DSCO 1488

Single Stranded Necklace strung on beige leather. A gorgeous assortment of jade,quartzes, malachite and silver pieces> Center adorned by bee and clovers.

Code DSCO1488

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