Double Necklace DSC00733

This exquisite double necklace is made a of various semi-precious stones. They are jade, amazonite, jasper, smoky-quartz, amethyst and loads of silver shapes and charms. The center piece is a gorgeous, oversized heart.




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Necklace with only silver DSC00627

This fabulous necklace is made solely of dynamic silver shapes. It is finished off in the center with an oversized dragon-fly.

Code DSC 00627


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Single Necklae DSC00635

Single Stranded Necklace made of Autumnal colours. The necklace comprises of jade, citrine, smoky quartz and lovely silver shapes. The center piece is an old ring surrounded by charms.

Code DSC 00635


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Double Stranded Necklace DSC00631

This superb Double stranded necklace is on beige leather, loaded with gorgeous autumnal colours, such as jade, citrine, jasper, onyx, smoky quartz and loads of silver pieces. A fabulous oversized bee is in the middle of the piece.

Code DSC 00631



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Double Necklace DSC00629

This superb double stranded necklace is made of vibrant colours, such as, coral, jasper, citrine, jade and jet. They are interspersed with beautiful silver pieces and finished off with a gorgeous large silver bee in the middle.

Code DSC 00629

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