Single Stranded SS DSC00376


This superb piece of jewellery is a Single Stranded necklace with sterling silver charms and beads. The semi-precious stones are mainly jade, smoky quartz,amethyst and an over-sized bee in the center to set off this amazing single stranded necklace.

Stunning piece!

Code DS DSC00376

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Single Necklace DSC00771

This single stranded necklace is strung on black leather. It is a very interesting piece loaded with only silver pieces. A beautiful dragon fly is the center piece.

Code DSC00771

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Single Stranded Necklace DSC 532

Single Stranded Necklace made primarily of jade pieces with a mixture of jasper , amethyst, carnelian and silver pieces. A beautiful silver bee sets off the center of this piece.

Code SSB2

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Double stranded Necklace DSC 00521

This superb double stranded necklace is made of jade, lemon stone agate, smoky quartz and loads of silver pieces and charms. A beautiful bumble bee is the center piece,

Code DSC000521


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Single Necklace DSC00514

Single Stranded Necklace on light beige leather.with jade, quartzes and a selection of silver pieces make up this gorgeous piece. A beautiful dragon-fly is used as a center piece.

tode DSC 00514

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